Hilton Herbs Herballs Treats 400g
Hiltons Herbs

Hilton Herbs Herballs Treats 400g

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These fabulous treats are not only tasty (our horses and ponies love them) but they are also good for them!
Hiltons Herballs are the most natural way to give your horse a treat:
  • They are completely free from molasses, artificial sugar and flavourings.
  • They are even suitable for horses or ponies prone to Laminitis.
  • Hiltons say that it's not just horses and ponies who love them - their customers use them to reward their dogs, llamas and even chinchillas!

Ingredients: Garlic, Mint herb, Oregano herb, Rosemary herb blended with Alfalfa, Linseed and Wheat Flour.
Treat your gorgeous Equine friend today.

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