Black Glitter Horse Hoof Conditioner
Equine Happy

Equine Happy Sparkly Hoof Conditioner- 50ml

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This gorgeous glitter hoof conditioner will bring a little bit of sparkle to you and your horse's day! 

It cares for your horses hooves and leaves them feeling nicely conditioned - even if they were abit on the dry side. It is very easy to apply with a hoof oil brush and there is no need to scrub it off as it disappears overnight (magic hey?). The colour will last up to 6 hours and the pot contains 6 / 7 applications.  

It is made with 100% natural ingredients and is anti-fungal / anti-bacterial. It can also be used underneath the hooves. It is advisable to patch test a small area on your horse 12 hours before full use of the product. 

Go on - you can never have enough sparkle in your life!