Welcome to Samberwill Equestrian

Hello and welcome to our sparkly online Equestrian store! 

Samberwill Equestrian aims to provide high quality horse wear and horse care products at affordable prices. As horse owners ourselves we have a keen eye on what's good and what's not so good in terms of quality and we believe that our horses (and of course, your horses) deserve the very best.  

Meet the team: 


Hazel & Lily

Hazel is the real horse mad one of the bunch and has been working in the Racing Industry for over 20 years (she doesn't look a day over 21 though). As Head Girl of a North West horse racing yard, Hazel has not only cared for hundreds of race horses over the years, but has travelled all over the country to accompany the horses to race meetings. Hazel has had the honour of leading up winners for a number of owners, as well as her own winning Superstar "Go Charlie", who won his first race on 18/12/2015. 

When Hazel is not working very hard (which to be honest, is most of the time), she enjoys looking after her own collection of race horses and foals - Charlie, Ratty, Lily who is mummy to Sandy, Amber and Twiggy and finally, Brenda, who is mummy to Willow. Pop on over to our Instagram page @SamberwillEquestrian for updates on how Hazel's little beauties are getting on. 


Suzanne & Princess

Suzanne takes care of the more business / techy side of things but she still enjoys going to see her two Shetland ponies (Princess and Wilma) when she can. Suzanne has run her own IT Company with her husband for over 5 years and when Hazel mentioned that she would love to open her own online Equestrian store, Suzanne got to work to help make Hazel's dream happen. Suzanne is married to Gareth and is mummy to two beautiful little boys Celfyn (3) and Ellis (2). Since the little ones have arrived, Suzanne hasn't been able to spend as much time looking after her ponies as she used to, but luckily Dad Ted has taken over the reins! 

That's pretty much all you need to know really. Oh, and if you haven't guessed yet, Hazel and Suzanne are sisters :)

So to sum up, we want you to enjoy buying from us, we want you to enjoy using the products that you buy from us and we want you to spend as much quality time with your beautiful horsey friends as you possibly can.

Please do follow us on Instagram and Facebook @SamberwillEquestrian and share your horsey pictures with us using the hashtag #Samberwillselfies. We love to see what you are getting up to!