Samberwill Equestrian 'Go Charlie' Mug
Samberwill Equestrian

Samberwill Equestrian 'Go Charlie' Mug

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The story behind our logo 

The logo on this mug isn’t just a horse and rider silhouette filled with lots of pretty colours - it is very dear and special to us.

The Samberwill Equestrian horse is actually our horse Charlie (racing name: Go Charlie).

The logo was based upon a photo of him winning his first race (and ours as owners). That day will always be so special to us as Charlie showed us that dreams do come true and with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

You may have noticed that we are a little bit different to other equestrian stores - as well as selling beautiful things for horse and rider we also want to empower our customers to achieve amazing things and to be the very best Equestrians that they can be.

You don’t need the best gear or infinite amounts of money to achieve amazing things - you just need the determination, a positive mindset to get you through the tough times and a belief that you WILL get there.

So we hope every time you look at this gorgeous mug, Charlie will inspire you to achieve amazing things too.

Charlie features on both sides of the mug. 

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