Team Samberwill Ambassador Search - Now Open

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We are very excited to launch our search for a new addition (or two) to Team Samberwill - a Brand Ambassador! Please continue reading below to find out how you can enter:    

 Samberwill Equestrian Brand Ambassador Search

Team Samberwill Equestrian Brand Ambassador Criteria: 

  • The role is open to residents of the UK, Ireland and Channel Islands. We are still establishing a customer base here in the UK & Ireland, so it makes sense for our Ambassador to be based there also. As we grow as a brand, we will hopefully expand our Brand Ambassador role to new territories. 
  • The role is open to current customers who have purchased an item previously from Samberwill Equestrian. As a brand we believe that it is important to have Ambassadors who love using our products, really connect with our brand and who naturally want to recommend us. We feel that our current customers have knowledge of how we work in terms of customer service and the quality of our products, so are in a better position to genuinely recommend us to others. 
  • The role is open to ages 13 and over, but if you are under the age of 18, please ensure that you have permission off your parent or guardian before entering.


What do Brand Ambassadors receive?

As a little thank you for your hard work in helping to promote Samberwill Equestrian, Brand Ambassadors will receive:

  • A Navy Samberwill Equestrian Polo Shirt or Hoodie (whichever you prefer). 
  • An ongoing 15% off discount code for the duration of your role.
  • You will also be added to our Team Samberwill Facebook Group where you will be able to meet the rest of the Team, share ideas and receive updates.

      How to enter:

      If you wish to apply for our Brand Ambassador role, please email us at and include the following: 


      1. Your name / age
      2. Your Instagram Name 
      3. Briefly Introduce us to you and your horse 
      4. Share with us your proudest equestrian achievement
      5. What are your goals for the rest of 2019 
      6. Why would you be an amazing Brand Ambassador? 
      7. What is it about Samberwill Equestrian that you love the most? 


      Your entry can be written as an email or you can send / tag us in a video if you prefer. Please don't worry about writing a huge essay - just keep it short and sweet! 


      Our Search closes at 4:00pm on Friday 7 June 2019 and we will be announcing our new Brand Ambassadors as soon as we can thereafter.


      During the week, please feel free to tag us in any posts that you feel will supplement your application on Facebook or Instagram and please use the hashtag #TeamSamberwill so we don't miss anything. 


      Thank you so much for your interest and we are really excited to go through everyone's entries. 

      GOOD LUCK!

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      • Poppy Robertson on

        I just want to say thank you so so much for this opportunity and I know I’m unlikely to get this position but I think this is so so amazingly kind of you to offer this xx

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