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In today's Blog, we get to find out a little bit more about Sponsored Rider Kate Davis...


Kate Davis


Name: Kate Davis

Age: 31

Location: Northampton


When did your love of horses / riding journey start?

Since before I could walk! There were some horses living in the field at the bottom of our garden and I was besotted. I was lucky enough that my then non-horsey parents spotted the obsession early on and allowed me to go for weekly lessons at our local riding school once I was old enough.


What are your favourite disciplines?

Dressage, and I have recently got into carriage driving after my husband started backstepping for Australian international driver Gail Bain. I did used to event years ago but one too many broken bones means I have swapped my brave pants for patent boots and sparkly browbands...


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Passing my exam to become a List 5 BD Judge earlier this year after 12 months of training!


What dreams and goals are you currently working towards?

Ultimately my dream is to get to Grand Prix. Currently I am working towards Thomas's first Elementary and qualifying him for the regionals, we're looking forward to giving Spider the best start to his dressage career this coming spring/summer, and to get Crumpet out to some in hand shows as he really does miss going out to parties!


What is the best piece of horsey advice that you have ever been given?

Time and turn out are natures best healers.


And finally, please tell us a little bit more about your horses:

My stunning boy Crumpet who retired from dressage 2 years ago after a freak accident in the field - he's a 17.3 Hanoverian who thinks he's a shetland. He follows me everywhere, knows everything about me, and is definitely my one in a million! There's nothing more that I miss than mincing down that centre line with my best buddy, but we are extremely lucky to still have him. Then we have our gorgeous boy Spider who will be 4 this spring. He's a beautiful bay by Woodlander Supertramp and we have high hopes for him to be our future dressage superstar. He's not yet been backed as we didn't feel he was ready last year, but if he is mature enough we will begin very light work later next Spring. Then there's Thomas who we brought for my mum as a light hack a few years back. However after an accident where my mum ended up breaking her back shortly after purchasing him I started to bring him on a bit. In the last few years he's gone from bring a chronic headshaker who was petrified of his own shadow (after an awful start to life - more homes than his age in his short 5 years, 8 names on his passport one of which was Mary?!) to now working at Medium level dressage at home and competing successfully in affiliated competitions. And watch this space, as subject to vetting we have a new arrival this week for Shaun... exciting times ;-)



Thom looking very handsome


A little note from Suzanne: Thank you so much Kate for taking the time to talk to us! It is so lovely to hear more about you and your gorgeous boys.

We will be hearing from Sponsored Rider Hannah Ufton in a future Blog post so stay tuned!  

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