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In today's Blog, we learn more about Junior Sponsored Rider - Hannah Ufton ...


Name: Hannah Ufton 

Age: 17

Location: Derbyshire


Hannah & Flower (owned by Karen Holmes)

Hannah and Flower (owned by Karen Holmes)


When did your love of horses / riding journey start?

I started lessons when I was 4 years old but I was riding donkeys on the beach much before this.


What are your favourite disciplines?

Dressage is my favourite although I was initially into show jumping and still enjoy jumping and polework.


What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Being invited to Team GB selections or winning the ArcFlex Elementary/Medium Championship as well as competing at BYRDS/High Profile Shows/Premier Leagues all on a home produced pony.


What dreams and goals are you currently working towards?

I'd like to compete at Young Rider level in the future and hopefully one day compete internationally.


What is the best piece of horsey advice that you have ever been given?

Don't let other people tell you what you can and can't achieve, as long as you believe it is possible there will be a way to achieve it.


And finally, please tell us a little bit more about your horses:

Chevalian Hot Shot ('Ed') is a 16.1hh, Dark Bay Gelding by Westpoint Quickfire, owned and bred by Doo Rickett. He is competing at Prelim/Novice with scores up to 74% and is working towards Elementary/Medium at home. Westhills Waterfall ('Flower') is a 15.3hh, Chestnut Mare by Longdean Westminster, owned by Karen Holmes. She is competing at Novice with scores of up to 70% and is working at Elementary/Medium.

Hannah Ufton

 Hannah Ufton 

A note from Suzanne: Thank you so much Hannah for answering our questions. It is so lovely to learn more about you, Ed and Flower. We are really looking forward to joining you on your journey over the next few months. 

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