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For those of you who are fairly new to Samberwill Equestrian, I thought it would be nice to put a little Blog post together to introduce ourselves and share with you our journey so far!


Who are we?

Samberwill Equestrian is an online Equestrian Store. Our aim is to create and stock beautiful things for horse & rider at affordable prices.

Samberwill Equestrian was founded in 2017 by myself (Suzanne) and my sister Hazel. Growing up we were so fortunate to always have horses and our whole family life has evolved around our equestrian commitments (holidays were always a little tricky and Christmas day is another working day for us).

At the beginning of last year Hazel and I were discussing about how amazing it would be to start a business together and after a few ideas were thrown around, we settled on an online equestrian store. We love buying things for our horses, however, as we have more than one horse to care for (10 to be precise!), money can be tight, so we wanted a store that makes equestrian items affordable and accessible to more horse owners.

Hazel is the Head Girl at a Racing Yard in Cheshire so she is the more knowledgeable in terms of the best equipment to use, whether items are good quality etc, where as I am the more technical and business focussed one – I created the website, order in the stock promote the store etc. We make a great team even if I do say so myself.

Hazel is very busy with her work commitments so I tend to take on a more customer focussed role which I love.

We started small and have grown from there. I designed our very first logo, started an Instagram and Facebook account and started to spread the word of Samberwill Equestrian a few months before we launched. We officially launched on 1 July 2017 and we have been so pleased with how we are growing.

Our First Logo!

Our First Logo!

So where did the Samberwill name come from? It is actually a combination of 3 of our foal's names - Sandy, Amber and Willow. We wanted a name that was something a little different and was unique to us and I think we achieved that goal! 

Sandy, Amber and Willow

The Samberwill Girls - Sandy, Amber & Willow 

We are by no means a household name yet, but this is definitely something we strive towards!

At the beginning of 2018 we started the rebrand process (the logo I designed just didn’t seem to have the magic and sparkle we wanted!) and we worked with a very talented Graphic Designer called Linzi Atkinson-Groom (Linzi Loves Design) who got to work on creating a very special logo.


Our Branding  

After a few meetings to discuss our requirements, Linzi came back with two amazing concepts for us to choose from. They were both lovely but one caught my eye straight away and that was our Charlie Logo. I had shared with Linzi a photograph of Hazel’s horse Charlie (Go Charlie) crossing the finishing line as the winner of his race at Wolverhampton Racecourse in December 2015. This was such a special day for us as a family – it felt like all of Hazel’s hard work had paid off and we were so proud of everything that she, Charlie and the team had achieved.

Our Charlie logo symbolises to us that dreams can and do come true, and with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything that you set your mind to. We definitely try to focus on this in our marketing – our logo isn’t just a horse filled with pretty colours, he is a very special part of our business.    

Samberwill Equestrian Logo

Our gorgeous Charlie Logo 


Our Aims

As a business, we have a few core aims that we live by:


  • We want to ensure that the products we sell are affordable. Owning a horse can be so expensive so we want to make sure our products are accessible to more people, yet high quality.
  • We test out all of the items we stock before selling them on our website – if they can’t perform well in a day to day yard setting then we won’t stock them. We need items to last and do their job well!
  • We also want to prove that you don’t need to have the most expensive gear to be able to achieve amazing things. The horse world can be very brand driven, but we want to become a brand that is affordable, accessible, yet highly regarded.
  • We always aim to give amazing customer service and we love to get to know our customers. We don’t tend to have set working hours and always try to respond to our messages as soon as we can. This can be late at night, early in the morning or at the weekends. We are always here if you need us!
  • We want to help our customers to become the very best equestrians that they can be – this could be through the products that we sell, the inspiring posts we share on our social media profiles or via our Facebook Group – The Very Important Equestrian Club.


Our Goals

So this year has been a very exciting one for us – we have launched our very own range of Rider Wear and have designed and manufactured our own brand of Horse Riding Socks. As well as selling on our website, they are also stocked in a number of local stores, so this has been an amazing achievement for us.

We plan to keep on building our brand, try to make it as visible to as many equestrians as we can and we also want to continue to grow our gorgeous Horse Riding Sock range! We have a second colour and design arriving within the next few weeks so we are very excited to launch those soon.

Samberwill Equestrian Cushioned Sole Horse Riding Socks

We are only a very small Equestrian Brand, but we hope that with our customer’s help, we can grow into a household name. It will take a while, but each day is a step in the right direction.


Thank you so much for all of your support so far – whether it is a Facebook like, a purchase or a review. We really appreciate you taking the time to support us and helping us to grow.

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