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Welcome to our very first Blog post!
I received a lovely email a few days ago from a follower who wondered if we could give her any tips on plaiting as she was finding it tricky and really wanted to improve her technique. 
Our co-founder Hazel has worked in racing for over 20 years and has won many best turned outs during that time, at race meetings up and down the country, so when I received the email I knew exactly who to ask for some help! 

Hazel's Top Tips for Creating Perfect Plaits

  1. Once the mane has been pulled and is ready to plait, spray the mane with a little water to dampen it slightly - this makes it easier to work with.
  2. Divide the mane into equal sections and secure each section loosely with a plaiting band. This will help to keep all of the sections in place and out of your way, whilst you are working! Once you are ready to work on a section, remove the plaiting band and start plaiting.
  3. Plait down each section and pull them as tight as you can. The tighter the plaits, the easier they are to roll up. Once you have got to the end of your plait, secure it with a plaiting band and if you can, roll under the end and secure the plaiting band over it. This will make the plait easier to roll up. Please see the photo below to illustrate what we mean!           Roll up the ends before securing with a plaiting band
  4. Once each section has been plaited, you can then start to roll them up.
  5. Roll up the plaits as tightly as you can and secure each plait with two plaiting bands (this helps to keep the plait in place for longer).
  6. Once all of your plaits have been rolled up, spray them lightly with a little hair spray. This will give them shine and keep them looking tidy for longer. A finished row of plaits
  7. Plaiting is tricky at first but practice really does make perfect. Practice on your horse / pony as much as you can or even on a friend’s hair. You will soon find a technique which works best for you.
  8. You could also have a look on YouTube to see if there are any videos on plaiting, so you can observe how others do it.


We hope you find these tips useful. If you decide to have a go please do share your photos with us using #samberwillselfies on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter or email me at: 

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