Guest Blog - Aladdin - The Journey So Far by Danielle Burns

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In today's Guest Blog post Danielle Burns (A Cob That Can) shares with us her journey so far with her gorgeous Cob Aladdin. 


Aladdin is a six year old (we think) Anglo Arab cross Cob. 



I have been riding him since May last year after seeing him being lunged in my Aunt's sand school. It was a love at first sight moment as he looked so cheeky and had a moustache to die for. I approached his owner and it all went from there. We were only getting to school in the field he was kept in just two/three days a week in no more than a trot generally. 

We took him to his first show on the 28th of August with the intention of doing a clear round and maybe some ridden showing. He soon changed my mind as he continually reared me off and bronced around the school to the point where people reported the 'crazy coloured horse' to the judges. We had to settle for the in-hand classes and long story short he won supreme champion.

She Believed She Could, So She Did

This was the day we decided it would be best to move him to Hill House to get him used to shows etc. It was the best decision to move and have indoor sand schools with space to work on his canter as with him being in front of a gypsy trap at a few times in his life his canter was definitely not 'there' and he much preferred going into a strong 'knees up' trot. It took lots of perseverance to get him cantering without bucking or just getting his legs in a muddle. 

And here we are now! We compete in the winter league jumping every fortnight, have done our first arena event and even on a road trip to spend the day barrel racing. 

Barrel Racing with Aladdin

Barrel Racing with Aladdin 

He has worked wonders on me as a person and rider as before finding Aladdin, I was looking for an older school master to bring my confidence back after an accident and hospital sleepover. So a bucking baby with not much experience was not what I thought I would end up with. It has taken a lot of patience and a good sense of humour but I would say we are finally getting somewhere. 


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