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In this week's Guest Blog Post, Julia Moursi (Coward's Courage) shares with us how she is conquering her nerves by taking part in a Dressage series with her gorgeous horse Ghost. 
Today was the first leg of the Dressage series I'm taking part in at my yard. It's unaffiliated, to BD rules, so not too frightening and a lot of fun! The weather was fantastic, perfect for washing down a dusty and dirty Cremello! And Ghost scrubbed up a treat. 

Note to self though...learn to plait, woman!!! Learn to plait!!! Slightly irritates me that I go into a dressage test clean but unplaited. (My own hair was plaited...does that count?!). So after a quick 10 minute warm up as it was a little too toasty in a show jacket to do much more, we entered the indoor arena and began our test. I had absolutely no nerves!! I was just so happy to be having my 4 minutes of fame and I enjoyed every single one of those minutes!

Ghost felt awesome, and really listened to my aids (which aren't always very clear) and I thought we rode a nice test. I was super proud of us and came out feeling really quite emotional, albeit slightly embarrassed that I saluted with the whip in my girl error. But it happened, I smiled, I knew, the judge knew, but what could I do at that point? And I'll try to remember for next time. 

So our scores.....

We came last. 63.47%, 6th place out of 6 entries for the Intro A test. But do y'know what? I'm SO proud anyway. We beat our previous score on the same test with the same judge, so despite coming last we have improved. The nerves are bothering me less and less and I'm doing a great job in turning those nerves into excitement! And I didn't come home empty handed, I have a pretty little rosette to add to the collection. I do love a rosette! 

We have definite areas we need to work and improve on, and I'm going to have fun doing that. That's what it's all about isn't it? We can and will improve those scores even further. I've had such a great day, and I couldn't ask for a more wonderful pony. The more I learn, the more he gives me, so willingly and with so much patience. I'm a very lucky girl.

Julia & Ghost
When even the only cloud in the sky knows your pony is a unicorn!!
#TeamCC x
You can keep up to date with how Julia and Ghost are doing by visiting her Blog Coward's Courage 
You can also find Julia on Instagram
A note from Suzanne: Thank you so much Julia for sharing your Blog post with us. It was so lovely to hear how you improved upon your previous scores and it sounds like you are doing amazingly well at conquering your nerves. We are proud of you too :) 
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