A Challenging February!

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One of our business aims this year is to help support more Equestrian Charities, and I had been thinking a lot recently about how we could raise some much needed funds. I was driving in the car a few weeks ago and a random thought suddenly popped into my mind. Why don’t you give up sugar during February? This idea actually made me feel quite excited and also a little scared at the same time! I will be honest with you, Christmas was well over a month ago, but I was still eating chocolate out of selection boxes, like it was going out of fashion. I also haven’t felt happy with my weight for a long time, so I decided that a challenge like this would be just what I needed to reset my sugar cravings and to help me to get into healthier eating habits for my little boys. During both of my pregnancies I suffered with Gestational Diabetes and as a result, I am now at a greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. I hope that if I am able to lead a healthier lifestyle and be more careful with my eating habits, I may be able to avoid this in the future. I’m not a fan of needles, so pricking my fingers to measure my blood sugar levels and injecting insulin a few times a day was not something I enjoyed doing or want to repeat!   


Now that my challenge was set, I decided to raise money for an amazing charity called The Racehorse Sanctuary.


Goodbye Sugar


Why The Racehorse Sanctuary?


Over 4,000 horses leave the racing industry annually, but sadly, many of them face an uncertain future. The Racehorse Sanctuary provides a lifeline for such horses; as one of the leading organisations working in this field their work is vital to thoroughbred welfare, as they have re-homed hundreds of horses since being established.


Our own horses are part of our family and have a forever home with us, but many are not so lucky. I would love to raise money for The Racehorse Sanctuary, as they are completely self funded and receive no funding from the Government. Any money raised will help them to continue with the amazing work that they do. 


How am I getting on so far?


I am not going to lie – it hasn’t been easy and I am still finding each day tricky. The first few days I experienced awful headaches and general aches and pains. I believe this is a common side effect of the sugar leaving your body. After the first few days the headaches subsided, but I was getting really strong cravings for sugary foods and felt rather grumpy and short tempered too (sorry husband!).


I am finding first thing in the morning quite difficult as I can’t just have a quick bowl of cereal or a cereal bar, as most of them tend to be packed full of sugar. I am also really missing Hot Chocolate – that is a real treat for me and I love nothing more than going for a Costa and a catch up with my mum.  After tea at night is also a danger zone, as I always want something sweet! Despite the tricky times, I am so proud of having achieved 11 days sugar free so far – especially when I still have sweet treats in the house for my little boys and husband. On the plus side – I am also realising that I don’t actually need these sugary and naughty treats to make me feel happy (I am a classic comfort eater!), so I am hoping that once February is over, I will be able to control my cravings much better. I have lost a few lbs so far, so fingers crossed I can lose a few more and feel comfortable riding again soon (I haven’t had any riding lessons for a few months as I feel so self conscious about my weight).

Thank you so much for all of your kind words and support so far. If you could spare even just a few pennies for an amazing cause, please do click on the link below – they all add up and can make a huge difference to beautiful racehorses who have left the industry and face an uncertain future.  


Support Suzanne here.

Find out more about The Racehorse Sanctuary here.

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